Rest in fun, Loz. You are missed.

Twenty years ago, a tall, slightly shy, slightly awkward guy called Lawrence joined my team at the outdoor centre I worked at, as part of his gap year.  He then ended up at the same university as me and had soon adopted me as his surrogate sister away from home. Quickly he also became my … Continue reading Rest in fun, Loz. You are missed.


My life in Sport #wsw2017

So, I wrote another blog for the Tough Girl Challenges blog series for Women in Sport week 2017. It's about my life in sport and I hope hearing about my rather mixed relationship and journey with sport might inspire and motivate others to find what makes them smile, even if there are hurdles to overcome. … Continue reading My life in Sport #wsw2017

Broadening my boundaries

Broadening boundaries Physically Emotionally Geographically Metaphorically Following on from my post introducing my intentions for my 40's and 2017, I'll now expand on the reasons behind them. To be honest, the overall intention - broadening my boundaries - has been my focus for a number of years. Unfortunately  both physical and mental health issues, the associated … Continue reading Broadening my boundaries