Musing and wonderings on being 40, on the roller coaster my life has been, on falling down and getting back up again. On creating a new journey, doing things that I love. Getting out the ideas and opinions that I currently twitter on about to my partner and on Facebook.

The blog name? Well, I love butterfiles, they often feature in my art work and jewellery. Sometimes my life is like a butterfly – flying high and light and colourful.  I also love blankets and there are points when I retreat to my sofa and hide under them.

This is the year where I spread my wings and say Yes a bit more. And hopefully just enjoy the blankets rather than need them.

You’ll see pages about the different threads in my life: I swim, I bike, I climb, I draw, I photograph, I sing, I read, I dance … and who knows what else might be round the corner!

This is just me chatting, at the moment there are no sponsored posts or affiliate links. If I mention something it’s because I really like it and want to share it with others.

I also have an artist’s page on Facebook, find me as @HandmadeRachel


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