A mention on my favourite podcast!

A quick one!

It’s real!

I was mentioned on my favourite podcast!

And I’m going to be blogging there too!

(That’s a lot of exclamation marks!)

So, we’re driving back from Exmoor, it’s pouring with rain, I’m feeling bleurgggh with a cold and toothache.

We’re listening to the latest episode – Phillipa Cox of our favourite podcast, Tough Girl Challenges, by Sarah Williams, (I’ll write about this more in another post, when I have more time – because everyone outdoorsy and / or female should know about it) when suddenly, she’s doing a shout out about blogs and I’m mentioned! That woke me up and I got a spontaneous high 5 from the B in the driving seat!

I’d spoken to Sarah at the start of the year, when she did a shout out for some listeners to help her out with the Tough Girl message. I offered to write some blogs for her and in return, she helped me with the motivation to get this blog up and running.

So now watch this space, and the Tough Girl Blog to see more!


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