The first post …

I set up this blog two years ago.

I changed the name last September when I turned 40 years old.

I’ve written hundreds of posts – in my head!

Finally I am actually writing, and publishing a post.

My life has been a roller coaster for a while, sometimes fluttering high and light like a butterfly and at other times I’ve hidden under blankets (hence the blog name). I’ve always got back up and found a new path and part of this blog is to document and celebrate this journey (although I hate that term!) but also to share the ideas and opinions that bounce around my head and currently get offloaded on Facebook! So expect a mix bunch of topics from art, to mental health, politics, the outdoors, adventure, being 40, sport, education, tea and home furnishings (blankets!).

The reason this post is finally being written is thanks to fate, the universe colliding and me being open to ideas (and all those metaphors). I wanted to kickstart my 40’s and once I started that, things fell into my path. First my boyfriend found the Do what you love organisation  and signed me up to the newsletter. The first one I received was about a personal project one of the founders wanted to set up about women turning 40! So I signed up for that and completed their New Year Revolution toolkit which helped me think about what I wanted to achieve.

Then last October I went to the Women’s Adventure Expo with friends and was so inspired. We picked up a flyer about the Tough Girl podcast, downloaded some episodes and listened to them on the way home. Since then, I have joined the Tough Girl tribe closed facebook group. Many of us have been motivated by the 7 women 7 challenges project and so have set our own 7 challenges (see below for mine). Being involved in this led to me to chatting to the wonderful, inspirational Sarah Williams (Tough Girl guru) and I’m now going to help with the group and write some blog posts. Part of that conversation was around me finally getting my own blog going – so here we are!

My 2017 intentions


  1. Broaden my Boundaries


2. Run Parkrun

3. Cycle a 100mile sportive

4. Swim across lakes


5. Connect with friends

6. Make and Create

7. Time on the (yoga) mat

I’ll expand more on these in subsequent posts and I hope you’ll follow me on my journey (any suggestions for a different phrase gratefully received!)




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