A mention on my favourite podcast!

A quick one! It's real! I was mentioned on my favourite podcast! And I'm going to be blogging there too! (That's a lot of exclamation marks!) So, we're driving back from Exmoor, it's pouring with rain, I'm feeling bleurgggh with a cold and toothache. We're listening to the latest episode - Phillipa Cox of our … Continue reading A mention on my favourite podcast!


2017 intentions for the ‘body’

Parkrun As a child - I ran - most do! As a teenager - I ran a lot (more on that in another post). Then a snowboarder took me out on a black run. Three months on crutches followed. At University, I wiped out during a ski race injuring my back. Running 'career' over. But … Continue reading 2017 intentions for the ‘body’

Broadening my boundaries

Broadening boundaries Physically Emotionally Geographically Metaphorically Following on from my post introducing my intentions for my 40's and 2017, I'll now¬†expand on the reasons behind them. To be honest, the overall intention - broadening my boundaries - has been my focus for a number of years. Unfortunately ¬†both physical and mental health issues, the associated … Continue reading Broadening my boundaries